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Another major advantage is that the progressive tension sutures take the tension off the final skin closure, which can ultimately result in a much finer and aesthetically pleasing scar. No one likes having to empty a yucky drain, filled with residual blood and fluid.

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Enjoy this beautiful outdoor winter glam session as much as I do!

Don't wait until a child has been cyberbullied to talk about it.

At The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we always stay abreast of the latest innovations in surgical techniques.

Our clinic now offers drainless tummy tuck surgery.

While curiosity and exploration are natural, advancements in technology have opened up a new and potentially dangerous way for teens to explore their sexuality: sexting.


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    Not about your carrying the load and feeling fed up, not raging about the other’s complacence, but about the passivity itself, your partners seeming struggle to speak up and saying what they want rather than going along with. When he is at hone, he watches TV or plays on tablet or phone. He hates his job but won't take initiative to find another.

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    Jon Gosselin is moving into his own apartment near the Pennsylvania home he used to share with Kate and their eight kids, according to reports. Whatever Jon Gosselin did to Hailey Glassman, it must have been really, really bad.

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    It is vital that you choose the one that understands your requirements.

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