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However, she graduated from Irvington High School and later attended Catholic School.Latifah was a talented girl during her childhood, she started bet boxing and rapping for the group called Ladies Fresh at the school years.

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Furthermore, she has dark brown eye color and fits in 10 US shoe size.

Latifah has a huge number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Saldana, who is of black and Latina descent, has faced criticism because of the color of her skin.

Simone, who died in 2003, was proud of her dark skin color and features in a time where those traits were shunned. So I am looking forward to it.”“Nina” is slated to hit theaters nationwide Friday, April 22.

but it's going down.” The blog didn't give any actual evidence the two women are dating, save for a photo of them posing together on the red carpet Monday. Her profile says she is the wife “of the amazing, brilliant, genius Robin Thicke.” So, it’s no surprise that she hasn’t responded to the rumors on social media.