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Trust us you won’t be flicking off any ash in these rooms! A lot of men have a smoking fetish, this means that they like girls to smoke during sex.Dominant ladies often smoke and play with their submissives while doing so, increasing the kink level.

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Cigarette smoking is a splendidly sexy activity, especially when done by a seductive woman.

Fetish scenes feature ladies lighting up and taking deep drags from their cigarettes before blowing the smoke at the camera.

Voyeurism is encouraged, watch up to six live Hosts at the same time with our Multi-Viewer feature. Drawing tobacco from a cigarette is just mesmerizing, it has its own type of sensual seduction that many can’t escape! Take a peek at the Hot Spots feature - where these Hosts are HOT, lit and craving for attention! Super-Hot, Mad Hot or Sizzling Hot none of which require filters and all have amazing (cigarette) buts!

Some may be puffing away, while some maybe saving that special treatment for when you take them Private... Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke it Whoever said smoking is bad for you? Get regular, slim or super slim to fulfill your need for smoking fetishism and it will add so much value to your life!

Pulling it out they look at you and flick they are lighter.