Naruto ultimate ninja 3 dating guide

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Unsurprisingly, exhausting your supply means that your enemy can batter you with huge combos and you won't have any means of escaping such a beating.

You're not stuck with just four substitutions over an entire fight, however, as they'll slowly replenish over time.

For starters, dashes and chakra dashes work wonders when it comes to getting in your opponent's face, while support techniques can easily catch your foe off guard if you time them alongside your own attacks.

With that in mind, things can get particularly interesting if you bring two allies into battle, summoning them one after another to create a near constant offensive push.

Duels in Storm 4 can quite easily become lengthy affairs as both players attempt to tease open an advantage, but given how much damage ultimate jutsus can do, fights can also end a lot quicker than you may be anticipating.