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from writer and director Deborah Chow (it just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival), Braff plays a drug dealer who accidentally hits a pregnant woman while driving the wrong way down a Montreal street in the dark. Braff subtly and masterfully reveals the decent guy beneath the shady surface, who makes a domino-like series of bad choices as the woman (Isabelle Blais) gradually falls for him. ZB: If anyone told you that you can make a really nice living going to work everyday and belly-laughing with your friends, what's a better job than that?

Actually the idea came to me when I went to rent my father a beach house. I hate cigarettes and a pet peeve of mine is when you watch someone smoking in a movie and it looks like they learned that day.

You have to rent it in the dead of winter and it was a snow-covered ghost town. I thought, I've got to set something here, this is really cool. So I bought these herbal cigarettes online that they use on sets.

For two weeks, I walked around the city, watching how people smoked.

ELLE: How did you draw on your own life in your approach to this relationship?

Braff also attended Stagedoor Manor, a performing arts "training center" for youth actors ages 10 to 18.