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Vlv sevintie and sevin zeires, befor thir witness, James Dickson, doctor of medi- cine, William Gibbe, his servitor, Hugh M'kgregor in Ansefoord, and the said John M'Kenzie.' Mr.

The notary sets forth that at the manor-place of Pittarrow, on the 8th of October 1670, the procurator for Sir David Carnegie, having called for the personal presence of Sir Alexander Carnegie, whom his lady declared to be sick, did, in presence of her and her son Charles, offer and engage to furnish, upon demand, timber necessary for upholding the manor-place of Pittarrow, houses and biggings thereof, and likewise the houses of Fuird House of Pittarrow, and m Une of Conveth, and other houses wliich Sir Alexander was bound to uphold, and which 1 Original Contracts at Kinnaird. In testinionie quhairof I have subscribed this my lattere will (writtin be John M'Kenzie, Notar), att Kinnaird, the fourtein day of Junii, in the zeire of God I?

Letters were to be then addressed to him at the Gardener's House in Lincoln's Inn. 250 SIR ALEXANDER CARNEGIE, FIRST OF PITTARROW, 1639-1682. Janet, who married Captain Walter Keith, of Montrose, a son of the Laird of Jackston, in the county of Kincardine. Wi Uiam Carnegie, afterwards quoted, it appears that the marriage took place about three months before the 2 2d December 1692, and that it was not countenanced by her brother. Captain Keith, by a letter, dated 26th August 1723, assigned to Mr. Sir David, in May and November 1701,^ when she was of great age and very frai L^ It is presumed that she did not live long after, l3ut the exact date of her death has not been ascertained. to her, and in keeping her son from going to Holland.' ^ Original Letter, ibid. Hepburn of Monkrig, they write that ' old ante (aunt) gives her to her brother, Andrew Fletcher, Lord humble duty to his Lordship,' etc. another of their letters, dated 4th April * Copy Wi U at Kinnaird. they say that 'antie' has a 'great •' Original Discharges, ibid. The patent of his creation is dated 20th February 1663, but it did not pass the Great Seal tin the 27th of May iu the fo Howmg year.

In -this letter he again refers to the proposed purchase of an annuity, and repeats that the age of his M'ife is nearly threescore years. During the lifetime of his father, Sir David Carnegie, on account of services rendered by him to the Crown, was, by King Charles II., created a Knight- Baronet, with limitation to him and his heirs-male.

545 Description of Armorial Bearings of the Carnegies, . Printed in Alexander his 'dear and only brother.' — Minutes of Evidence in Southesk Peerage, [E.xtract Bond at Kinnaird.] II. In a bond, dated 9th September 1665, ^ Original Discharges at Kinnaird. 4 r^ ■ ■ 1 t^- 1 1 1 ■ * Original Discharge by him of the above 3 Original Discharge at Arbuthnot. marriage-contract is in the charter-room at ^ Original Bond, ibid.