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Most wives probably answered, “Brushes his teeth.”Or another woman who answered this Newlywed Game question, “Where is the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee” by answering, “In the butt.” The host was looking for an actual place, like in the car or Las Vegas.

There are four couples, all newlyweds, ready to answer Newlywed Game questions along with someone who is asking the questions.

This might be Bryan’s favorite date night that we’ve ever done, so I’m adding it back into our 14 Days of Love for February this year which is a commitment we make to spend more time together in February with date nights at home.

February is usually a down period between the holiday season and spring season which are both always crammed full of obligations so it’s the perfect time.

And despite the hippie counterculture movement of the time, which preached “free love” (a movement that rejected marriage), The Newlywed Game was a huge TV hit. The premise of The Newlywed Game was to get newly marrieds to take turns answering questions about their marriage or their spouse.