Nicole scherzinger dating married man

That’s how things are at the moment.”When asked if they had ever played tennis together, he commented: “I got her on the court once.

It was speculated back in May 2017 that the couple hit a rough patch and split up when reported that Dimitrov was spotted with former ex-girlfriend and tennis star Maria Sharapova.

"They have been on a break," a source told the publication about Scherzinger and Dimitrov, adding, "This has happened before and they’ve worked through it."Despite the speculation, though, it seems that the pair were unruffled by the reports, though Dimitrov, who is 27 years old, did open up to That’s one of the most important things in any relationship.

's front lady Nicole Scherzinger ignited a romance with another professional athlete.

Like her, her present boyfriend too was on the heel of a fresh breakup from his longtime partner.

The following day, Scherzinger posted, "I loved you at your darkest.