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You may read tons of advices how to behave on the date with the girl but they might never help you if you do not feel mutual gravity, let’s call it this way.

Think over all those issues and try to figure out is it what you really want and if you strongly decide to have a great time on the date with Armenian girls, read some advices and keep to the certain rules.

Armenian girl would like when you show your masculine domination and priority, it means she would like to see strong man near, who is ready to protect, he is an absolute and if to listen to him, everything would always be alright and in this way you have to behave; it should not be rude or too much possessive in any case, but you have to be “the man” in trivial traditional understanding of this word.

” Of course, she has a job and she would start telling different stories and you would rule the situation by asking her questions; and if she is a student, it is even better, because she would tell you about her studying process, friends and so on. If you know how to impress a girl in a pleasant way, do it, use this trick, but do not offend her and try not to scare her, what is even more important, in every action of yours keep to the golden middle.

Always keep in mind you are cool guy, don’t show this, but keep this in mind and try to behave slightly active and sure in everything, try to be such self-confident mount-man.

You have to rule the situation even during the date, don’t be annoying, but try to be initiative, if you go to the restaurant, it should be the restaurant you know well, you have to propose her to taste dishes you advice and so on in this style of behavior.


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