Online dating site tips

Dating apps and websites abound, exponentially expanding the dating pool.With a few swipes on a smartphone, the divorced, widowed and never married can easily connect with potential partners at any time, from any place.

For example, seniors who move to independent living retirement communities are exposed to many new opportunities to meet people their age and pursue romantic, as well as platonic relationships.

Dating is both exciting and challenging for seniors. And remember to continue to socialize with your friends and family and not put all of your efforts into dating.

Those who have more than one person in their photo get 42 percent fewer messages than average, Zoosk says. People who pose with an animal get 53 percent fewer messages than the average. Post photos that highlight the real, authentic you, says dating coach and Dates & Mates podcast host Damona Hoffman.

“Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side, your nerdy side, your goofy side,” she says.

Most important of all is to give yourself credit for undertaking this new chapter in your life.