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VALUE(1000000,9999999)); BEGIN CASE tbl WHEN 1 THEN -- no index updated UPDATE scale_write_1 SET id2 = r WHERE id1=d1; WHEN 2 THEN -- one index updated UPDATE scale_write_2 SET id2 = r WHERE id1=d1; WHEN 3 THEN -- one index updated UPDATE scale_write_3 SET id3 = r WHERE id1=d1; WHEN 4 THEN -- one index updated UPDATE scale_write_4 SET id4 = r WHERE id1=d1; WHEN 5 THEN -- one index updated UPDATE scale_write_5 SET id5 = r WHERE id1=d1; ELSE NULL; END CASE; IF SQL%ROWCOUNT 0 THEN RETURN 'update one'; ELSE RETURN NULL; END IF; END; FUNCTION run(n IN NUMBER) RETURN test_write_scalability.piped_output_table PIPELINED IS PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION; rec test_write_scalability.piped_output; id1 NUMBER; tbl NUMBER; strt TIMESTAMP(9); cmnd NUMBER; d1 NUMBER; q NUMBER; begn NUMBER; iter NUMBER; r NUMBER; tmp DATE; BEGIN SELECT CEIL((max(id1)-min(id1))/4) into q FROM scale_write_1; iter := n; WHILE iter 0 LOOP FOR cmd IN 0 .. He is on a mission to introduce developers to the evolution of SQL in the 21st century.

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A column list cannot be specified for statement trigger is fired again.

The rollback to savepoint does not undo changes to any package variables referenced in the trigger.

It is used to re-create the trigger if it already exists.

It facilitates you to change the trigger definition without using a DROP TRIGGER statement.

A database trigger is a stored procedure that automatically executes whenever an event occurs. Oracle initiates an ‘AFTER INSERT’ trigger after an insert event has been occurred and an ‘AFTER UPDATE’ trigger after an update event has been occurred.