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You will probably have to get the dash trim from a 15 WRX as well.

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olen selle kuttiga juba 8 kuud koos ja jbe eluaeg kokku.

Me olime oma poisiga 2 kuud koos olnud mlemad stud ja siis otsustasime ra proovida..

My 2016 WRX won't have the OEM 7" Starlink Navigation, just the basic 6.2" Starlink HU. I had the chance to get a 2016 on order for a good price but decided to go for the 2015 for this reason.

I looked at the differences in the base models (my price range) and I couldn't justify a $600 price increase just for the starlink system.

Is it a safe assumption that the Starlink HU in the 2016 WRX is the same as the current Starlink HU in the Outback and Forester?