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One of the biggest issues facing shidduchim is the age gap between young men and women entering the dating world, with boys starting the dating process a good five years after girls do.“We need a paradigm shift to deal with the age gap issue,” he said.“We need a cadre of activists to teach our young people what it means to be in a relationship,” he asserted.

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“To solve the shidduch crisis, we need much more manpower than Agudah has on its staff.

Without your help, change won’t happen, even with the best of intentions.” Reb Shia urged the audience to lend their time and expertise to all the various shidduch initiatives so they can take off and truly effect a solution.

The site adheres to the guidelines of daas torah, and users have the option of sharing a picture or not, depending on their preference, ensuring their comfort with every stage of the process.

Though each speaker touched on different points, one unifying thread wove all their talks together: the need for each individual to see what they can do to help solve this crisis.

We should develop a curriculum even for younger children on how to develop relationships.” Rabbi Doniel Frank, a therapist in private practice in Monsey who is also an author and shidduch coach, discussed the need to empower parents to be more effective when interacting with their children and shadchanim.