Radiometric dating human history

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The discrepancies between the rejected and accepted data are arbitrarily attributed to excess or loss of argon.[1] Radiometric Dating Indicates different ages by different methods “Rejected and accepted data”? In other words scientists are saying they themselves will not accept some data from radiometric dating because they believe it to be wrong. You would expect your weight would be the same regardless of the method the device used to quantify your weight.

Additionally they know that different methods of dating are providing different ages. So within a narrow tolerance of a few ounces or perhaps a pound or two, a spring scale should provide the same weight as a balance scale (like what you might see in physicians’ offices), which should provide the same result as an electronic scale.

So scientists aren’t actually measuring age with any technique they use.

Since they can’t measure age, what they do instead is look for something that varies regularly with the passage of time, that leaves a permanent record and then use that property to correlate the passage of time.

Accurate: Performance predictions consistently fall within a narrow range of expected values and don’t vary greatly.