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Therefore, interaction rates among nationalities increases. So, many people understand that the frequency of races mixing is going to increase and it is accepted with these people.For these reasons, the issue of interracial relationships is very controversial because each side has strong reasons for either accepting or opposing it.The author uses Snipes’ experiences to strengthen her argument on interracial dating and this appeals to the emotions of his admirers.

Research paper on interracial dating

In this case it is harmful because people are vulnerable to persuasion if the fact given to them appeals to their emotions.

Therefore it is not surprising that all four authors used this appeal to emotion device.

These activities are heavily present in the minds of these effected racial groups, and this causes great friction between the races when people believe it is harmless to associate sexually in a biracial way.

The issue of interracial dating is controversial because it joins two races and in many eyes brings back past memories of how minority races were unequally treated.

This is said because of the fact that the children born do not resemble their mother or father.