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Your Beagle should be running a DHCP server that will provide your computer with an IP address of either or, depending on the type of USB network adapter supported by your computer's operating system.

Your Beagle will reserve or for itself.

For a complete list of books on Beagle Bone, see

Perfect for high-school seniors or freshman univerisity level text, consider using "Bad to the Bone" A lighter treatment suitable for a bit broader audience without the backgrounders on programming and electronics, consider "Beagle Bone Cookbook" To take things to the next level of detail, consider "Exploring Beagle Bone" which can be considered the missing software manual and utilize "Embedded Linux Primer" as a companion textbook to provide a strong base on embedded Linux suitable for working with any hardware that will run Linux.

In case you are running an older image, an older operating system or need additional drivers for serial access to older boards, links to the old drivers are below.

Note: Additional FTDI USB to serial/JTAG information and drivers are available from

This step may or may not be necessary, depending on how old a software image you already have, but executing this, the longest, step will ensure the rest will go as smooth as possible.