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Daters back then just couldn’t win, and sometimes, daters today feel much the same.

Of course there’s zero truth to this statement, but as the most seemingly innocent of the group, Charlotte might have only been half joking when she said it.

Chances are they will choose to keep looking over ever settling for anything less.

Always the cynic, Miranda was focused on her career as a lawyer, so she didn’t have much time for dating.

The modified quote perfectly describes her constant hunger for sex, and desire for it to be good because, well, she’s damn good, so he better be, too!

If you don’t do enough to impress, chances are you’re not going to get a second invitation.

Who hasn’t been out with the gals and wondered, like Carrie did when she said this, if that special someone would ever come along, or if you’d still be out with the girls, peeking over your shoulder at the cute person at the table across the restaurant, when you’re old and grey?


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    We also do a big cock-rock ending when we play it live, and I really like it when we mix up the live arrangements. As for gear, right now my favorite pieces are probably one of my old ES-335s, a Matchless Independence 35, and either my Line 6 DL4 or Fulltone OCD… And I’ve been bonding with my Martin 000-18 at home and on the road because I’ve really enjoyed playing “Secret” as an acoustic song. I call Pete from time to time to bug him with questions about gear. After hearing Joe Satriani’s Surfing With The Alien as a teenager, I knew I had to play guitar. My best advice to any aspiring guitarist or musician is to write songs. After that, write even more songs, because from my experience as a musician and as a part of Maroon 5, I’ve realized you only get better at writing songs from writing songs—no matter the quality, because you need repetition.

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    The girls faced challenges; the winners of each challenge spent time with Bret on a "date".

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    But that’s not all she s After a few rounds of getting her pussy trashed by this guys thick dick, Luda is ready to feel it slide up her tight virgin ass.

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