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She had woken up to a cranky boyfriend who has just been snapping at her all morning.They had fought for no reason whatsoever and Sonia had gone to work feeling miserable.

Finally she thought, “What the hell, it looks a nice place and they seem like the types who will pamper me, might as well give it a shot.” It was true. Sonia put her bags in the car and walked back to the salon.

She pushed the big glass door and entered to a sweet greeting by the receptionist.

You won’t believe your eyes at the extreme change in her! We are pleased and trilled to report that she came and joined the ranks of our Bald Beauties!

She is a beautiful addition to our family and ready to go. Angelica: is beautiful and full of energy, she’s never shaved her head before and is a bundle of nerves.

Angelica is really nervous before her haircut, but really excited and plans to keep it this way.