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Then why is every kiss of his so sudden and forceful?The show has plenty of bad weights and the only reason I saw all 20 episodes because I was extremely curious to know what happens to this ‘supposed’ sibling love.The show is about Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) who is in love with a classmate named Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang).

The budget for Taiwanese shows is usually low which is why the video and audio quality is dismal.

The show hardly had any background score and its lighting too seemed dull.: Mike He is handsome and has really thick hair, but he wears bobby pins!!

Devil Beside You is a 20 episode long Taiwanese drama that deals with forbidden love between siblings.

No, it’s not totally incestuous as the two central characters are not related by blood and their respective parents have not married each other yet.

Yes, the plot had potential but the script just did not match up to it. If you are into crazy cheesy stuff or do not mind watching silly romance with a slightly different plot only then go for this one.


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