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I also had my Star Labs sweatshirt wrapped around my waist. Just in case we get sent on a mission","Fine, I will wear the damn thing". XXXTIME SKIPEXXXWe step through the Zeta Tube and I heard it announce B03 Kid Flash and B07 Razor Storm.

A bun was place on top of my head, with my favorite hair pins in it. Then there was a flash of light and Wally and I was transported to the Mount Justice. Because the group surrounded me and all at once I was bombarded with questions.

I relaxed somewhat in his grip and turned back to the crowed of sidekicks.

I gave a smile, then I stood up straight, though it didn't stop me from being shy. Half of them laughed at my shyness and the other half wasn't sure what to do. So, instead of getting upset and hiding away I chuckle and throw out my hand to the Martian girl.

She smiles back and took my hand in hers."Hi, my name is Megan.


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