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Fiber: Fiber relies on glass strands to relay digital code and is much faster than both DSL and cable.

Since 1993, American Campus has been the nation's leading provider of academically oriented student communities.

With the best speed and coverage options throughout the Champaign County area, everyone can enjoy their high-speed Internet, at all hours, to stream the latest episode of Big Little Lies, your favorite Netflix documentary, or the local Champaign nightly news at your convenience. Our high-speed connections allow you to play lag-free, online games of Fortnite, NBA 2K20, or Red Dead Redemption. With x Fi, you can view and manage every device on your network. Schedule bedtimes and Wi Fi time limits for your kids. It’s best to place your Internet modem and router (or Advanced Gateway) in a central location, where you and your family spend the most time connected to Wi Fi-enabled devices.

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Joseph White Heath Dewey Mansfield Pesotum Fisher Rantoul Ivesdale Ogden Royal Monticello Homer Villa Grove Gifford As a well-educated community with a large population of college students, Champaign residents typically work in white-collar professions such as teaching and office support.

Champaign has a well-developed public transit system, which helps both the student population and residents manage their time and commutes effectively.

You can even just use one of them as a way to make a great date night have a little extra fun.

I honestly don't know why I lurk uiuc, but I saw your post and will reply... I know this is old school but I think its really fun- take her to the roller skating rink!

Here's my long standing list of food places to go around central illinois. In BLMI'd suggest going to the Pottery Place in Champaign. They have laser tag and like reflective lights and when the lights are down your clothes glow (white clothes and the likes). This subreddit is for anyone/anything related to UIUC.