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She is playing a teenager that deals with her love life and the daily problems of her family.She has said that she and the character were the same that she ‘’”didn’t play for the camera the camera was played for her”’’. has been in almost ten television productions.It is almost like we in Sri Lanka think, “Oh my god, I can’t teach my kids about birth control because that means they are going to do it, and then what will Loku Nanda and Sybil Aunty next door and the dobi’s cousin-in-law-twice-removed say?

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They showed the West that everybody has a sex life (active or otherwise), and that everybody was normal.

I look forward to the day that this belief is shared widely in Sri Lanka.

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And then, they are going to feel so afraid of society’s reaction that they are going to go to a dingy little abortion clinic and have their reproductive organs messed up beyond repair by some ill-equipped and unsanitary quack.