Steps for online dating

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OK, so good question: what does enough time look like?

A good benchmark is having around 6–10 free weeknights and 4 days on the weekend per month.

I suppose I should admit here that yes: I’m still single. Because I’m one of the few single people who’s no longer complaining — I’m regularly dating women I’m attracted to, both mentally and physically, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I meet [special one].*The steps that follow have been crucial to my success, but nothing was possible until I adopted a change in thinking, so let’s start with that.

However, the arc of my experiences has led me to adopt what follows as a best practice when it comes to dating. The Dating Mindset: Be as Open as Possible People are not products.

Step 3: Find an Effective Way to meet People For me that’s MIRL — I’d rather talk to attractive women I come across in my day to day life, see if there’s a connection, and then go from there. These days most people use some form of SOD (swipe/online dating).