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This is all the wisdom I have gleaned about partnerships, dating, sex, love and romance over the past 16 years. Probably the men you encounter who can have sex without getting attached are the most up-front and entitled of the bunch.

How simultaneously empowering and pathetic: My entire love life can be summarized in mere paragraphs. Friendship means things in common, compassion, mutual respect. Society tries to teach men to be the best “player” around, but really there are probably more normal guys out there, who would get attached, if they were meeting people.

All those dramatic, chemical, sticky, everlasting affairs boil down to a handful of fleeting sentences. Osho calls friendliness “the highest form of love,” because friendship transcends neediness and lust. It is important to notice that some guys consciously practice a “pick up” lifestyle.

But instead of rehashing my personal past, I offer six simple guidelines for joyful sexual relationships. Open communication is the essential foundation of every relationship. Friendships that evolve organically into romantic relationships are often the most successful. Anyway i think this article is really helpful for people in general.

Since I am a woman, these are written from a woman’s perspective. Total honesty provides the necessary foundation for trust, love, respect and mutual growth. Though there always is that risk of screwing it all up and losing the friendship altogether. Because it makes some women feel clingy, they avoid initiating this type of conversation.