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From BIND9.10 the statement also allows the use of a Diff Serv Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) number (range 0 - 95, where supported by the OS) to be used to identify the traffic classification.

The following example shows an IPv4 name server which will be sent NOTIFY on port 53 (default) and the second refers to a list of servers defined in a masters clause each of which will use port 2034: also-notify defines a list of IP address(es) (and optional port numbers) that will be sent a NOTIFY when a zone changes (or the specific zone if the statement is specified in a zone clause).

While this statement would normally be used in a zone of type 'master' there is nothing to prevent its use in a 'slave' zone - in which case the NOTIFY would be triggered following a zone transfer to the slave. Defines an alternative local IP address to be used for inbound zone transfers by the server if that defined by transfer-source (transfer-source-v6) fails and use-alt-transfer-source is enabled.

This address must appear in the remote end's allow-transfer statement for the zone being transferred.

By default BIND9 will send NOTIFY messages to all the target names (right-hand names) that appear in NS RRs for the zone (this behaviour can be modified by the notify statement.


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