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Clam Win is a free AV developed/maintained/operated by 2 people in their spare time (when they are not making a living), with a little help now and then from volunteers.

Clam Win has lately seen a lot of use on networked environments, but it is primarily a free AV for stand-alone environments. My site is pretty much identical except the workload is neither shared nor has the assistance of volunteers. The 'network' is an intranet occupied by one workstation and exists for appropriate connectivity of various boxes.

This is a deduction and has been made without the benefit of intelligence from the Devs or any advice from the help forum.

Clam Win is not coping well with my C:\ SSD and is corrupting its own files.

It downloads upto about 4% and then there is an error shown: Clam AV update process started at Sat Jul 19 2008 Connecting via nonblock_recv: giving up due to excessive bogus loops ERROR: Verification: MD5 verification error Trying again in 5 secs...