Raven riely webcams - Validating national curriculum indicators

Therefore, an indicator of the content of textbooks needs to be part of any monitoring system for science and mathemat- ics education.

As for the content of examinations, it also is believer] to influence classroom instruction to a considerable degree (Resnick and Resnick, 1985; Romberg, 1986~; hence, test content needs to be monitored an well.

Using data from a National Science Foundation Teacher Enhancement program…

validating national curriculum indicators-52

In the committee's view, it is important to have indicators of all three of these forms of the curriculum, since they would provide substantially different information and might be used to answer different policy questions.

The intended curriculum itself takes on many different expres- sions.

Classroom behavior is inseparable from curricu- lum.

By providing incentives that stimulate effective teaching and learning, or by creating constraints on study and understanding, the curriculum affects the choices of students and teachers in every c Iass- room.

And a curriculum can act as a constraint on both teachers and stu- dents when the information conveyed through textbooks or tests is inaccurate, explanations are confusing or misleading, the logic of a concept and its derivation is lost, or mathematics or science is viewed as the memorization of facts and technical vocabulary.


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