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Is this something that is supposed to work, or are we missing something.

Here is a sample of an XML file (taken from our repo - Script/template-hello-world): @egamma By the way, the autocomplete-plus package provide is exactly what we need. As far as I found, the API is not rich enough, but I hope I might've been mistaken...

I planned to test it on xsd definitions by W3C the next weeks. The VS Code Marketplace shows all existing extensions and you can get started writing your own extension in a few simple steps. The server component was specifically developed in Java in order to provide complete support for the XML Schema specification.

I am just putting this here, in case someone is planning to write an xml linter or something else to let them know that I would appreciate, if we could join forces on that. All JS based XML tools we evaluated provided only partial support, limiting the type and complexity of XML Schemas that can be used.

I still think the ad-hoc association of the open file with a schema would be useful, even if it is just a front-end to your xml Associations settings (e.g.