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Joseph Wright (born 1972) is an English film director.

His motion pictures include the romance film Pride & Prejudice (2005), the romantic war drama Atonement (2007), the action thriller Hanna (2011), his adaptation of Anna Karenina (2012), Peter Pan origin story Pan (2015), He began his career working at his parents' puppet theatre.

I find that it puts me in touch with something that is divine and it helps me make sense of the world. I always get a bit depressed when people say my films are painterly, because I don’t want them to painterly, I want them to be cinematic.

CHEW-BOSE: In the press notes, one of the things that struck out to me were your varied influences when imagining your adaptation—Robert Altman’s films and his penchant for characters with interwoven narratives; or more obviously, and he’s often playing with scale, and his films have a very found object or handmade feel…CHEW-BOSE: Sort of like the puppets you grew up with in your parents’ theater? CHEW-BOSE: In terms of how the film was shot, nearly in its entirety on a theater set and on an actual stage—were there days where you asked yourself, “What am I doing? I understood that what I was doing was potential professional suicide, and that I could fall flat on my ass with this.

Rarely is one character’s plight made more sympathetic than another.


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