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Concessions folks are nice but the system is a bad joke. Robinson Performance Hall - Little Rock An evening with Ray is something everyone needs to experience. If you are unfamiliar with him, be prepared to rearrange your daily playlist.

One of the weaknesses they did not fix with the multi-million $ renovation. He doesn’t have much to say but expresses his gratitude to his fans. Beautiful Voice and Songs - wanted more story Robinson Performance Hall - Little Rock Overall, I would recommend seeing Ray La Montagne. The one thing I left wanting more of, was the story and the "why" behind the songs.

Because of that there was a lot of chatting among that group. Also loved that I could purchase a signed, guitar string used from a previous performance & city. I have a bucket list of artists, now I can check your name on the list, but hoping to see you next time through Omaha.

Ray has a unique voice and style that makes you feel good. I like rays new stuff, that being said I think alot of the audience wanted to hear older stuff.

His biggest expression of appreciation lies in his greatest instrument, his voice. I am a bit more used to solo artists giving more background into their thoughts, trials of life etc that ultimately led them to writing a song or inspiring an album.