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He would call me after bad games or bad days and make me feel bad for him and I did. ughh the biggest TURN OFF I never slept w/ him to whoever the girl is writing "really classy ladies" but he tried AND the only reason why i know that he has a small dick is bc he got naked in front of me to try and turn me on and what I saw was an ogre body with a microscopic dick and an oversized ass. Why the hell would u leave proactive out when u have company over? He brags about his fame and tries to come off as humble even tho he really isn't it's actually pathetic just like his dick size.Until recent, we were hanging out at his place and one thing led to another and we had sex. He still tries calling n trying to make me feel bad for him, "I thought we were close", etc. He txt messages me all the time to try to sweet talk me to get ass. My advice is to stay away it's not worth it for a scum bag who sleeps w a girl every night or atleast "tries" w these cheesy text messages! He's a amazing hockey player when he wants to play! He's a professional athelete and dude is playing in NY and he 25yrs old. Keep Doin your thing #86, conquer as much ass as possible! Must be someone who thinks she's the only one who posted the last comment!

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The case was dismissed when it was learned that Wolski was defending his girlfriend, who had been pushed off a porch.

Wolski left Poland with his parents and older brother Kordian in 1989.

Met Wojtek when I was with this guy last week, nice guy doesn't look like a hockey player! But guess I can scratch that one thing I thought he had going for him! #Lovehockeydickk Girls, I hope you have finally left this boy alone. If your stupid enough to have sex with him and think you are the only one then the joke is on you not this guy! Yes I did sleep with him, yes he is SMALL, No he's NOT cute. B/c he begs me to date him and calls me his girlfriend and I've met most of his family. He just loves the life and sleeping around to much for me! Reply-to: After his game at his apt in midtown west.was so disappointed at how awful he was so def not even worth it!!

I was dealing with one of the other Rangers on and off for awhile but after meeting his kids, etc I couldn't do him anymore. Had hoped he was good in bed at least as we exchanged #'s.. The fact that he's got a small dick and he's not good looking is irrelevant, bunnies don't care!!

Went back to his place on 24th street on the weekend..... Haven't spoke to him Afterwards but I have spoken to a certain teammate of his "........ He lives in a 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom in upper west side. I have been talking to wolski off and on since he got to ny, we met through a mutual friend. Ciekawa jestem ile z was naprawde spotkalo sie z Wojtkiem choc raz? After his game at his apt in midtown west.was so disappointed at how awful he was so def not even worth it!!


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