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  The performance of the 365 stores were rumored to be mixed, including an early closure in Seattle. Pioneering technologies, bringing in third-party vendors to run foodservice venues and driving more self-service, are all parts of 365 that will find their way into mainstream Whole Foods.

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But, after nearly three years, there is now a definitive answer to 365’s future.

“We’re going to need the main government agencies that regulate food to be able to say: These are what these labels mean.

So, here are our top starting tips: Go for easy meals in the beginning, maybe just 3-4 ingredients each.

An example would be rice, beans, broccoli, and avocado.

Few people know which foods to choose for a well-rounded meal and are almost intimidated to get into plant based meal planning. Sure, there are a few new principles to learn if you’re coming from a non-vegan diet or have lived off of ready-made meals in the past.