drunk sex orgy extreme speed dating - Why do women lie about dating

I just like to address one gender at a time, because I don’t want anyone to try to justify their lies due to the actions of the other gender.

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Sex can be a powerful drug, and as long as there are men who want it bad enough, then this will always be one of the reasons why men lie. It is just an honest attempt to point out some of the traits that play into why men lie, and people in general.

With true maturity comes the understanding that honesty may not always get you the best immediate results, but it is what’s best in the long run.

If he is selfish he could care less or simply overlook the damage that his lies can do.

He will disregard the feelings of others, and justify his actions by saying that he has to look out for himself.

It takes several years to build trust in a relationship and hardly any minute to destroy it.