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windows 2016 server not updating wsus-81

Visit Stack Exchange Installing a new environment built around Windows Server 2016 that has some of the servers on a network that can't reach out to the internet, we installed Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on one of the servers that has two Network Cards (dual NICed) one of the NICs can reach the internet to download updates and supply them to the rest of the servers VIA the other NIC (which is specifically configured to NOT route traffic).

Once configured, all of the machines reported themselves to the WSUS server, but never downloaded updates.

If you’re not using an internal WSUS server and your OS must be updated directly from Microsoft Update servers in the Internet, when you downloading the updates in Windows Server 2016 via a proxy server, the download process stucks at 0% (Downloading Updates 0%).

What is interesting, the Windows Update client has been able to send/download the updates metadata (the list of necessary updates has been formed successfully), but none of them could be downloaded.

As you can see, BITS cannot download the files with the error 80246008 (SUS_E_DM_FAILTOCONNECTTOBITS – see the complete list of Windows update error codes).