Wurlitzer piano dating

Spinets were usually the least expensive entry-level pianos a company would manufacture, and most are not worth repairing.Many of these small, cheap pianos were so poorly designed and constructed that, even when new, and regulated and tuned as well as possible, they played poorly and sounded terrible.If you’re concerned about a child’s continuing interest, I suggest renting a new instrument now, with an option to purchase it later.

Some of these names were used in earlier periods on fine pianos, and several are still being used today, but on pianos that have no connection to the ones warned about here.

— During this period, American companies started feeling the competition from Japanese (and, later, Korean) makers who could undercut their prices.

Spinets, which are 36" to 40" high, have a recessed, or “drop,” action that is connected to the keys with long “stickers” of wood or metal.

These actions are difficult — and thus expensive — to repair.

However, a bad purchasing decision at this point in a student’s learning tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.