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These entries discuss: a important sites b thematics on aspects of society or culture c archaeological practices d biographies of famous Egyptologists e buildings f geographical features See also references at the end of each entry will lead you to related topics.

There is also a list of further reading following each entry, which includes foreign- language sources as well as references available in English.

My colleagues in the Department of Archaeology and the African Studies Center, Farouk El-Baz in the Center for Remote Sensing, and a number of my students were encouraging and interested in the project.

During my sabbatical leave at the University of Chicago in 1995-96, the project benefitted from discussions with colleagues at the Oriental Institute, and the help of Chuck Jones in the Oriental Institute Archives.

Suggestions for contributors were also provided by Christian and Heike Guksch, Barry Kemp, Leonard and Barbara Lesko, and Bruce Trigger.


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