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It resulted in the creation of a youth center, expanded fitness center, children’s playground, and complete renovation of the sanctuary, 1929 wing, and children’s wing.

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As cleanup crews were restoring this Florida spring to pristine condition, underwater archeologists sifting through the detritus that was pulled from the depths discovered artifacts that track the history of humans in the state. All Hubley toys were hand-painted and are now collectors' items.

This artifact represents a transition in toy gun manufacturing from pure cast-iron to die-cast cap guns. was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1894, and produced cast-iron toys, doorstops, bookends and other objects.

We believe in lifelong learning for laity and clergy for the ministry of the church.

We are committed to Baptist theological education that affords intellectual and spiritual freedom to both students and professors in an atmosphere of reverence for biblical authority and respect for open inquiry and responsible scholarship.

In 1979 there was a strong affirmation by the church family that God wanted us to remain a downtown church, and now our mission is to be a catalyst for transforming our city.